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What's included in your stay...

We have spacious indoor and outdoor runs almost 20  feet  length.  Runs are partially covered for pets to roam freely even in poor weather conditions.

Indoor runs are 5ft x 4ft with heated floors for cold days and air conditioning for the summer heat.

Pets relax daily to the sounds of canine lullabies playing throughout the kennel and "cat-ssical" music for kitties.

If your pet is having a birthday while in our care, let us know.  We will make the day special for him/her.

Your pet will come home with a detailed "Rover Report Card" or "Feline Fact Sheet" describing their stay.

All puppies 12 months or younger will receive a free "Pup Bag" on his/her initial visit.  The Pup Bag features treats that help to make his/her first stay more fun. (Please let us know if your pet is celebrating a birthday while with us so we can make his/her day special.)

Milkbone Snacks!!!

Please, no debit or credit cards.